How to Create Rank and Rent Websites

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Rank and Rent is a digital marketing model where you create a website, nurture it, and then rent it out. This strategy is quite common with local SEO. That is because the strategy is quite simple, lucrative, and scalable.

Even if you are not familiar with it, you will find it easy as long as you have experience in ranking websites. That is because you already have the skills and tools you need to succeed. The following are tips to create a Rank and Rent website.

Select a Niche

There is a need to select your niche carefully. Ideally, you want to balance where the niche is quite lucrative and then rent out at a competitive price. However, it does not have to be highly competitive that you are going to spend a lot of money trying to rank your website. That explains why it is advisable to focus on local SEO. In this case, you want to narrow down an industry and the city where you need to focus your efforts.

The idea, in this case, is to attract leads. If you are considering the same, you should begin by considering businesses that rely on leads. For instance, you should consider professionals such as cosmetic surgeons, dentists, hairdressers, roofers, renovators, and even resorts.

Choose Your Domain Name

When it comes to choosing a domain name, you have to think about it carefully. Nowadays, Google does not award much the exact-keyword domains as in the past, but it is still advisable to go that route. The truth is that you are not going to get many single-word domains available. Thus, if you run into a wall, you should try an affordable combination.

After finding the right domain name, the next thing is to design your website. Your work will be quite easier if you use an intuitive content management system.

Select the Content Management System

The truth is that a good CMS is good if you are not planning to spend a lot of time managing the content and ensuring it displays correctly. It is advisable to use WordPress as it is easy to use and SEO-friendly.

Moreover, it is free and has a huge community of enthusiasts who work hard to keep improving it. It does not matter how you want your website to look, WordPress may have a solution for you. After this, you need to start analyzing your competition and ranking your website.…

Effective Methods of Improving the Subject Lines of Your Email

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You can reach many people at once by running a massive email marketing campaign. It is one of the greatest ways of getting more people on your website and newsletter. Many people should open your messages for your campaign to be successful. It is estimated that over 120b emails are sent every hour. This means that you should send an email that stands out from the rest.

The headline of an email is one of the important parts of an email message. This is the first thing that is seen by readers. Headlines should be very interesting to capture the reader’s attention. Those that are not interesting are quickly marked as deleted or read. The success of an email marketing campaign mainly rests on the headlines. Their effectiveness should always be determined. The following are the important tips that can help you in crafting better headlines.

Specify it as urgent

This is one of the sure ways of compelling the user to open and read your emails. Telling your reader that you have important information will make them read your emails right away. They will avoid putting them off. Some of the words that you can use to create urgency in your emails include an alert, breaking, important, urgent. You can also use phrases such as “last chance” and “today only.”urgent

Personalizing the subject lines

Studies conducted have revealed that emails having subject lines with recipient’s names are opened more often as compared to those that don’t have their last or first names. An effective email should include both the last and first name. Those having the last name are considered to be more effective than those having the first one.

Capitalizing each word

A study conducted by MailChimp found that emails having capitalized words in the subject lines have a high open rate. In fact, it increases the open rate by about seven percent. Capitalizing on words should not be overlooked.

Keeping it simple and short

A good subject line should have about 6-10 words. Again, it should describe what the reader expects in the message. Most people will avoid wasting time on things that don’t meet their needs. They will also avoid opening emails that have detailed or too vague subject marketing

Making them feel special

This involves using phrases that make the emails sound more exclusive to the readers. Some of the effective headlines that you can use include” exclusive offers just for you,” or “a message for special customers.”…

Significant Features of an E-commerce Website

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E-commerce websites play an essential role in transforming and improving the performance of an online business. You should have a lucrative design that is capable of converting the visitors into potential customers. Different websites are unique in their way. Most of the modern developers are using the latest trends and exclusive features such as product reviews when designing websites. However, trends alone are not enough to guarantee a greater conversion rate or pleasant user experience. There are some trends that can help you in making your e-commerce site more competitive and efficient. Outlined here below are the essential features that every e-commerce website should have.

A modern and simple design

The impression created by your website is very important. It should be friendly and appealing to the consumers. The essence of the products being sold should be felt even without making a lot of effort. The different components should match perfectly with the identity and corporate style of your website. The element customization should be done well.simple website

Mobile-friendly site

A good site should be mobile –friendly. Many shoppers are using their smartphones and other mobile devices when purchasing products online. The content of your site should adapt to the devices being used by the customers. This will make shopping more enjoyable for your customers.
Including a detailed and concise product information. Let the visitors know what they are buying from you. The product information should be provided in a comprehensive and clear manner. It should present all the vital elements or features of all the products. Having a decent product feature will be sufficient if it has all the relevant information. Overdoing cannot help you in retaining your customers.

Effortless usage

Simplicity should be the ultimate goal of a worthy design. You should always focus on improving the user’s experience. This is done by providing shopping categories, comparison abilities, and filters. The customer’s reviews and FAQ information should also be taken into account. This is the best way of making things easier and helping shoppers to make their decision faster.  

Simplifying the checkout process

This is what that needed for an e-commerce site to thrive. Customers are discouraged by a long checkout process that extends over several pages. All the important information such as credit card number, shipping option, mailing and billing address should be placed on one page. Any information that might irritate the customer should be left out. The goal of every business is to attract visitors and convert them into potential customers.…